1 - Full Control Over Financial Operations
Full control over financial operations, since their generation, handling and disposal. Specific managerial reports that support the manager at the time of decision making.

2 - Bank Integration with millennium BIM, and all banks of the SIMO Network (BCI, STANDARD BANK, MOZA, BANK, among others.)
The bank integration allows the effective control of the receivables portfolio, allowing a more precise monitoring and timely actions, avoiding the accumulation in collection and increase in the default rate, which can endanger the maintenance and growth of the school; The scheduling of classes, follow-up notes and other consultations are now made in the management software (academycus) in an integrated way, a document that took days to get ready, for example, with academycus is issued in seconds.


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Why Choose Academycus?

The volume of data generated in an educational institution is large and often the information is not processed and stored properly, which causes an overload in the academic and secretariat management, having financial impact and creating bottlenecks that make it difficult to work with others. areas of the institution.

With academycus, this information is digitized, organized and easily accessible, allowing the generation of follow-up reports for accurate analysis and decision-making help by the manager.

Intrinsic institutional phenomena such as dropout, when unaccompanied and closely analyzed, can have an impact on the financial sector and give rise to other impasses, such as a lack of investment in infrastructure and learning resources.

Without effective school management software, many good opportunities are lost and much time is wasted. In addition, non-standardized processes yield unsatisfactory results that may lead to inaccurate and even misunderstanding of the situation.

Disorganization over time is often negative, resulting in the loss of students and staff and, of course, resources that could be invested in improving the institution as a whole. The school loses credibility with the community and becomes stagnant and may even leave the market in some circumstances.

Continuing to run the institution by employing manual processes and not taking advantage of technology-driven facilities, and staying on the edge of evolution, is jeopardizing the future of the school.

Do You want to know how your institution can leverage ACADEMYCUS resources to gain excellence and integrate all processes?
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